Back to School Bundle
Back to School Bundle


We all know how stressful the build-up to back to school can be, so we have decided to help you guys out by creating the perfect back-to-school bundle - filled with tasty treats that would make a great addition to any lunchbox!

We know kids eat with their eyes, that's why we packed this bundle with our most colourful snacks! Our BBQ nibbles and Tex Mex corn sticks have a gorgeous vivid orange colour, the perfect way to add a bit of colour to your lunch! Not only do these snacks look amazing - they are equally as tasty!

Dried fruits are a great addition to your kid's lunch box. Dried fruits are rich in minerals, proteins, fibre, and vitamins add to that they are tasty and delicious too. Dry fruits are excellent and healthy substitutes for daily snacks! Not to add they save the hassle of cutting up fruit and dealing with the mess so they are always a huge hit with the parents too! That’s why we added our delicious dried mango, coconut cubes, dried papaya, and kiwi to the mix.

For an extra sweet treat to add to the lunchbox to substitute unhealthy snacks, we have added our yoghurt-covered strawberries, chocolate-covered banana chips, chocolate rice balls, and our assortment of chocolate raisins! These super tasty snacks are always a big hit with kids!


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Ingredients :

This Back to School Bundle contains 12 x 90gram packets of snacks and dried fruits.

This tray is fully customizable. If there are any nuts in this tray that you would like to change, please leave your requests in the comment box above.

(Products:Dried Mango, Dried Kiwi, Dried Coconut Cube, Dried Melon, Dried Papaya, Chocolate Banana Chip Mix, Chocolate Rice Ball Mix, Nibbles Barbeque Chilli, Italian Crackers with Olive, Chocolate Raisins Assorted, Freeze Dried Yogurt Strawberries, Corn Stick Tex-Mex.)

Allergens : For all allergen and nutritional information - please see linked product pages for additional details
Storage Instruction : Store in a cool, dry place for up to 6 months.
Packaging Information : In the case of stock & production problems, packaging and certain products can be replaced by one of equivalent or better value products.
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Back to School Bundle

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