6 of the Best Chocolate Covered Nuts and Fruit

6 of the Best Chocolate Covered Nuts and Fruit

6 of the Best Chocolate Covered Nuts and Fruits:


Chocolate is literally a food fit for Gods, at least that’s what the Aztecs thought. Now, the chocolate they consumed is very different to the chocolate we enjoy nowadays: they had no sugars and often added chillies. It wasn’t until the chocolate was imported to Spain where the cocoa bean was mixed with sugar, creating the flavour that has been loved by many for centuries. 


Most early experiments with chocolate involved dipping the sugary substance and by the mid 19th century, Europeans were combining nuts and chocolate. Today, the two are so loved, there are days dedicated to them: like National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day (February 28th), National Chocolate Covered Peanut Day (February 25th), and what we’re celebrating here Chocolate Covered Cashew Day! (April 21). 


So, if there are whole days dedicated to the winning combo, let’s chat about what nuts (and fruits) pair best with chocolate. Here are our 6 favourites! 


Chocolate Hazelnuts: 

If you’re thinking of an extravagant dessert, look no further than hazelnuts. All the best desserts are made from this little crunchy nut. Chocolate truffles and hazelnut tortes are the piece de resistance on many five-star menus. If and when you indulge, you’ll be happy to know that you’re including a heart-healthy nut in your diet. 


At the cutting edge of dessert, is Nutella. Made from chocolate and hazelnuts. You’ll find most desserts are drenched in this beautiful chocolate dressing. But, how about we keep it traditional? All you need for a great tasting, but luxurious treat is some perfectly roasted hazelnuts dipped in chocolate. 


Chocolate Almonds


You will find this painting in all sorts of recipes from tortes to cakes. In Greece, you will find roasted almonds covered in chocolate on almonds in every confectionary window. If you’re considering making these at home, we recommend blanched almond and adding a sprinkle of cinnamon to the chocolate. Few things are this simple, elegant or delicious. 


If you want to skip all the cooking and melting chocolate and want to try some Chocolate covered Almonds, click here. There is a wide range of chocolate almonds from dark chocolate to tiramisu almonds. 


Chocolate Peanuts 


Chocolate and peanuts are a delicious combination and a treat, no matter your age, you will love it. Chocolate covered peanuts have an amazing crunch to them with a silky mouth-feel to finish from the decadently rich chocolate that is covering the nut. 


Chocolate peanuts are a snack as old as time. A stable in many of our grandparents, and our childhoods. Honestly, is there anything like a big handful of chocolate peanuts and throwing them back?

Nowadays, chocolate peanuts come in all shapes, sizes, and colours! You’ll often find white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate drenched on the nut making for a delicious treat. 


Chocolate Cashew


Cashews are very similar to nuts in taste, so it comes as no surprise that they go brilliantly with chocolate. However, cashews are slightly richer, softer, and velvetier. Once you cover these luxurious nuts in chocolate, you are left with a fully rounded treat. A perfect crunch with a silkiness to finish. 


If you want a captivating contrast of salty, sweet, with a little bit of creaminess then look no further than Chocolate Cashews. And, you’re in luck. If you’re reading this blog on or before the 21st of April 2021, we’re giving away 250gram bags of this luxurious nut to everyone who spends over 25 euro! A delicious snack for you and the family!


Salted Caramel Peanut Clusters

Salted Caramel coated peanut clusters, while still technically chocolate, are something you need to try. We are warning you, you will fall in love with these. We have perfectly roasted peanuts, bunched together and covered in affluent salted caramel chocolate for a smooth, rich bite. 


Peanut Clusters are for those who could eat handfuls of chocolate nuts in one bite as these are a little fuller of peanuts, they satisfy instantly! Salted Caramel Peanut Clusters are also a source of plant-based protein and fibre (this doesn’t mean they’re vegan). You’re getting a dose of protein and a delicious treat all in one. Make for a great gift or sometimes, these are too good to share. 


Dark Chocolate Dates


We couldn’t write this article without mentioning some chocolate-covered fruit, so let’s chat about the best. Dark Chocolate Dates might be the perfect bite out there. Once you take one bite of these, you’ll understand what I am saying! A wonderful chewy, chocolate bite. Dates are also a great source of protein, so you don’t have to feel bad about having the whole packet. 


Explore the Goodness! 

Don’t let this list stop you from exploring all the chocolate goodness of chocolate covered nuts and fruits, these are just our favourites. Nuts and chocolates are an ancient delight. So, get creative, get cooking or get buying - remember where chocolate and nuts are concerned, you can’t go wrong! 


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