Dried Fruit vs Fresh Fruit

Dried Fruit vs Fresh Fruit

Dried Fruit vs Fresh Fruit 


Snacking a handful of dried fruits every so often is a glorious combination of sweetness all packed in a good-for-you treat! At the end of the day, dried fruit is fruit. At times, dried fruit can even feel like you’re treating yourself to some candy, but you’re not - you’re having fruit. However, treating yourself to dried fruits begs the question: what are the differences between dried fruit and fresh fruit? 


Information surrounding dried fruit can be conflicting. Some say it’s healthy, while others say it not. We’re going to explore the key differences between dried and fresh fruit. 


What is Dried Fruit?

So, let’s start at the beginning. What is dried fruit? Dried fruit is a fruit that has almost all of its water content removed through various drying methods. Some methods of drying include dehydration, freezer dried, candied, etc. These methods shrink the fruit and leave a small, energy-dense dried fruit. Varieties of dried fruits include mango, apples, banana, strawberries and so many more. Dried fruits can be kept much longer than fresh fruit and are a handy, nutritionally dense snack on long trips or situations where refrigeration is not available. 

Volume Content 

When comparing dried fruit vs fresh fruits, we must look at the nutritional value. One plum to one prune isn’t all that different by vitamin, mineral and fibre content. When compared by household measures, dried fruits can prove as a better source of nutrients. A handful of raisins may provide a much better source of fibre, copper, and potassium as opposed to a handful of grapes. Dried apricots could also be a superior source of Vitamin A, B, iron and potassium. However, all of the mentioned fried fruits are not a better source of Vitamin C than their fresh counterparts. Vitamin C is degraded during dehydration and over time. 


Water is removed during the drying processes of making dried fruits, so some dried fruits can be higher in calories than fresh fruits. 

Health Benefits of Dried Fruits 

Dried fruits contain vast amounts of health benefits. Dried fruits are powerful antioxidants, and they’re loaded with micronutrients and fibre. One piece of dried fruits can contain the same amount of nutrients as fresh fruits but in a smaller, sweeter package. Dried fruit may contain up to 3 times the fibre, vitamins and minerals compared to fresh fruits. One serving of dried fruits can provide a decent percentage of the daily recommendation of vitamins and minerals. 


Dried fruits contain quite a bit of fibre and, as mentioned, a great source of polyphenols. Polyphenols are associated with health benefits like improved blood flow, which might help reduce the contraction of diseases and help with digestive health. 

Dried Fruit vs Fresh Fruit Sugar Content 

Dried fruits for the most part are an awesome healthy snack that will leave you feeling satiated for longer, but when comparing to fresh fruit, their sugar content may be their downfall. Dried fruits contain higher amounts of sugar and have a higher glycemic index vs fresh fruit. 

Since dried fruit loses water and therefore volume and size during the drying processes, their calories, sugar, and nutrients content become concentrated. Therefore meaning when you eat and enjoy a handful of dried fruits, you’re consuming more calories and sugar than you would if they were fresh fruit. It is imperative to be aware of portion sizes when it comes to dried fruits. 


Many believe that because of their higher concentration of sugar ib dried fruits, they have a higher glycemic index. The glycemic index is a measure used to determine foods effect on blood sugar levels. Foods like cakes, sweets, sugary soda and other simple sugars have a high glycemic index. Foods that have a high glycemic index are linked to the development of insulin resistance and may lead to diabetes. 


While fresh fruit still contains sugar, its sugar content in comparison to dried fruits is lower than dried fruits. Serving sixes re still important when it comes to consuming fresh fruits. For example, indulging in 400 grams of watermelon will pit you near a sugary can of fizzy drinks. 


All fruits, fresh or dried contain amounts of minerals, vitamins and fibre compared to other sugary alternatives. Foods high in fibre slow digestion, which means your blood sugar won’t spike. As with most things, moderation is key. 


Dried Fruit Vs Fresh Fruit: 

Below we have made a handy little table to compare the differences between fresh fruit and dried fruits: 

Benefits Dried Fruits Fresh Fruit 
Iron ✔️  
Vitamin C   ✔️
Low Sugar Content   ✔️
Source of Minerals  ✔️ ✔️
Fibre  ✔️ ✔️

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