Gift Guide to Mother's Day 2021

Gift Guide to Mother's Day 2021

Gift Guide to Mothers Day 2021


Mothers Day here in Ireland is fast approaching, so we’ve constructed this easy guide for those who might be a little clueless this year-round. Giving always feels good, but we think, right now, in the current climate, sending a Mother’s Day gift to a Mum out there feels particularly apropos.  This guide will sure bring a smile to any kind of mum - even those who say they don’t want anything. 


We’ve thought a lot about what our mums, mams, and mammies might like this year, and our and grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, cousins, and, yes, ourselves would also enjoy. Whether you are the mum in question, know a mum, or really missing one at the moment, we have plenty of Mothers Day gifts on this list that we’re betting will delight, distract and indulge her. 

Wine and Flowers

Though it may seem like the mothers in your life want and need for nothing, wine and flowers are always a welcome gift. It may be tempting to just opt for Mum’s usual bottle of wine store-bought flowers, something you know she will love, this might be the perfect opportunity to shake the trees and get her a new wine and flowers combo. 


The key to an unexpected wine gift is to seek out familiar territory. If Mum enjoys a pinot noir, it’s relevant you stick to reds and vice versa. Whether your fav Mum loves white, red, or a rose, there are a plethora of wines out there to explore in the ever-changing landscape of wine. After all, who wouldn’t want a bottle of wine this Mothers Day, 2021? 


A top tip for wine and flower gifting - any New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Lillies are the ideal combination to wow Mum. 

Techy Mums

Looking to bring your Mum into the 21st century? Looking for the right piece of technology to bring her forward? We recommend a tablet for all her Facebooking and Netflix needs! Tablets are handy, easy-to-use pieces of kit that can propel any user forward with their innovative and easy functionality. 


If you’re far apart from your mum right now, a tablet could also be a useful tool in keeping that communication strong during these rough times. If this sounds like the right gift for your mum this year, then we recommend any tablet with a front-facing camera and good memory, so she can save photos of her grandkids and so Netflix can roll with ease. 


A Hamper filled with Treats


Something that could compliment any bottle of wine and a good Netflix show is a little Nutty Delights gift. Here at Nutty Delights, we’ve got some great deals on Mothers Day gifts that might just tickle your fancy. 


We have our gorgeously made hamper with Happy Mother’s Day adorning the front which will bring a smile to any Mother’s face. This hamper features an array of healthy, tasty, and delectable raw nuts, gourmet nuts, or dried fruits. The best part about this hamper is that you get to choose what you think Mum will enjoy. 

What to Choose? 

If she’s more of a health-conscious lady, we recommend opting for the raw nuts. If she loves a sweet treat, but with health benefits, your best pick is the gourmet nuts range. And, lastly, if she’s a fruit fiend - dried fruits are your calling. As we already mentioned, the Happy Mothers Day hamper is fully customizable. A little healthy treat for Mum this year. 

Is She a Baker? 

Perhaps you have a Mother in your life that loves baking. If she loves weighing, sieving, measuring, tasting, and most importantly making a mess - then we might have the best gift for a Mam on Mother’s Day. 

Introducing our Baking Tray - the complete gift for any baker out there. Filled with nuts, seeds, and dried fruits suitable for whipping up a storm in the kitchen. 


Celebrating Mother’s Day in Ireland 

We understand that Mother’s Day here in Ireland will look a lot different than it has any other year, and your normal plans for Mum’s special day won’t happen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate one of the greatest women you know! We’ve got a huge range of Selection Trays like our Movie Night Box for movie mums, Healthy Box for a healthy treat, our Surprise Box filled with flavourful nuts and dried fruits, and many, many more. Click here to check out our range of tasty, nutritious, and reliable snacks. 


Happy Mothers Day 2021!