Give your kids the fuel for school with these breakfast ideas

Give your kids the fuel for school with these breakfast ideas

We all know the old saying.. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” This cliche is definitely true, a good breakfast gives you the fuel you need to kick start your day. The problem is, most of the common breakfast ideas for kids are fairly light meals and don’t pack much nutrition or protein to keep them feeling fuller for long. This isn’t ideal for long school mornings. The bottom line is that a healthy breakfast is important for your kids! 

But, you probably already know, that the key is not only finding healthy breakfast ideas that kids are interested in, it’s also about keeping it doable for parents during chaotic morning periods. 

Saying that we bring you some easy, nutritious breakfast ideas that will give your kids the fuel they need for school! 

Nuts about nut butter - 

Nut butters are the new peanut butter! Forget peanut butter on toast and why not try cashew butter! Nut butters are an excellent breakfast addition, packed with all the nutrients your kid needs and they are super easy to incorporate into breakfast! 

A simple breakfast idea using nut butters is nut butters on toast! Super easy and delicious - it’s a hit with the parents and the kids! Add our strawberry pistachio butter to a slice of brown toast with some slices of banana and you have an easy nutrient-packed breakfast that can be made in minutes and enjoyed on the go for those parents who are go go go in the mornings! 

Another tasty way to incorporate nut butters into your little ones' breakfast is by adding it to smoothies, yogurts, or porridge! This will add extra nutrients and flavor, especially if it's using one of the flavored butters like blueberry cashew butter, almond cherry butter, or coconut pistachio butter. 

Super seeds - 

Seeds really are super for your little ones! Seeds are great sources of fiber. They also contain healthy monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and many important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The tricky part is incorporating them into their diet because not all kids love seeds. 

Try blending chia seeds and flax seeds into smoothies or mixing them with oats and yogurt - they’ll never suspect a thing! If your kids aren’t too picky, seeds can be delicious sprinkled over avocado on toast or nut butters on toast! A handful of sunflower seeds can be a great thing to snack on in the car on the way to school! 

All about oats - 

It’s all about oats when it comes to getting a nutritious breakfast that will keep you full for a long! 

Oats might come across as boring for kids but there are plenty of ways you can jazz them up to make them interesting for your kids. Why not try making oat and blueberry pancakes using oatmeal flakes. These take minutes to make and always go down a treat with the little ones! Porridge can be a great way to incorporate fruit into your kid's breakfast, mash banana and strawberries into porridge to make it tasty and sprinkle a few dried cranberries and coconut flakes, and top it off with a drizzle of cashew butter - delicious!

There you have it, making breakfast for your little ones doesn’t always have to be a task! Try these yummy breakfast ideas we guarantee they will go down as a treat with the whole family!