There is nothing better than enjoying special moments with friends and family around a table and the warmth of the fireplace. At nutty delights we leave you with this recipe, which you can make with the little ones at home, to enjoy those moments together with a sweet and Christmasy touch.

8 servings 120 minutes Medium


Candied Red Cherries 4 units
Candied Green Cherries 4 units
Lemon Diced Peels 70 g
Walnuts 70 g
Lemon & Orange Strips 4 units each
Cocoa Powder 3 tbs
Corn Flour 300 g
Icing Sugar 300 g
Eggs 2 L eggs
Butter 150 g
Butter Milk A pint
Bicarbonate 1 tbs
Chocolate Liquor A cup
Red Colour 2 tbs
Wipped Cream or cream cheese + icing
Enough to cover the cake and fill it inside
Salt A pinch



  • Heat the oven to 180C.
  • Beat the butter at room temperature. add the icing sugar and beat again.
  • Add first one egg to the mixture, beat, then the other egg, and beat again.
  • Mix the flour with the cocoa powder and the baking powder. Mix and sieve. Add salt.
  • In a different bowl put the milk and add the colouring, mix until it becomes a red
  • Add 1/3 of the flour mixture and 1/3 of the mixture of milk and colorant to the first bowl of butter and sugar. Stir it in, and once mixed, add the remaining thirds.
  • Put half of the mixture in an 18 cm diameter mould with a few broken walnuts. Bake at 180C with heat on top and bottom and fan.
  • After a while, prick the sponge cake to see if it is done, the stick should come out
    dry. Leave to cool and remove from the mould. Put the other half of the mixture in
    the oven in the same mould and do the same.
  • In a bowl, put 2/3 water, 1 spoonful of sugar and 2 spoonfuls of chocolate liqueur,
    mix until the mixture is completely homogeneous. Soak the two sponge cakes well
    with this mixture.
  • Put whipped cream or cream cheese with sugar on the top of one of the sponge
    cakes, and once done put the other sponge cake on top. Cover the cake with more
    cream cheese with sugar.
  • Decorate with red and green glazed cherries, dried glazed orange rings, lemon and
    orange glazed strips and lemon diced cubes.
  • Enjoy!