Plastic free July here at Nutty Delights

Plastic free July here at Nutty Delights

Plastic free July is exactly what it sounds like, a movement that tries to encourage people to use less plastic for the month of July. Plastic free July is a great way for people to get involved and actively think about what they are buying. The movement strives to motivate people to make some permanent changes to their daily lives and to reduce the amount of plastic and single use products.   

Here at Nutty Delights, we are passionate about sustainability and strive to reduce our general waste. We know the importance of operating as a sustainable company and it is our mission to reduce our use of plastic wherever we can. We believe that everyone has a huge role to play in saving the environment and everyone can make changes in their daily lives, big or small, which will have an impact on our planet.

Does cutting down on plastic seem hard to you? - we will share some of the many simple ways you can effortlessly reduce plastic with Nutty Delights.

BYOC - Bring your own container 

You may have heard of BYOB but BYOC is a great way to reduce your waste. Whether you are going to your local grocery shop to get loose fruit and veg or going to a restaurant and want to bring your leftovers home - you can always bring your own container! BYOC can come in all different shapes and forms, it could be an old pasta jar, a tupperware container or a muslin bag. By reusing containers such as these it eliminates the necessity for over-produced plastic containers. Here at Nutty delights, we strive to encourage our customers to shop sustainably by offering a discount when our customers bring their own containers to our stores! 

Buying in Bulk 

Not only do you save money when buying nuts, dried fruit and seeds in bulk, you also reduce the use of single use plastic - it’s a win-win really. Buying in bulk removes the need for unnecessary packaging and single-use plastic, so you're only buying the yummy snacks, and not the excess packaging.  

Plastic free delivery  

Here at Nutty Delights, we want to make plastic-free shipping accessible to everyone! We understand the importance of having plastic-free delivery as an option as it is difficult to find in Ireland. Having a plastic-free delivery option makes us stand out as no other Irish retailers off this service.  

When packing our orders for plastic-free delivery, we first start by wrapping the products in a grease proof paper bag. This way the snacks are still protected without using single use plastic. We then pack the paper bags into reused cardboard boxes and seal everything together with paper tape. No plastic to be seen! To encourage our customers to shop plastic-free, we are offering 15% off for the month of July. 

We believe if you make these small changes when shopping, from bringing your own container to opting for plastic free delivery, it can make a huge impact on our environment. 

If you're interested in sustainable shopping - check out our website