Statement from Management

Statement from Management

Here at Nutty Delights, we are celebrating our 5th birthday! It has been an exciting journey over the last 5 years. Many ups and downs and a global pandemic. We have worked tirelessly to provide premium nuts and dried fruit to people everywhere. Nutty Delights wouldn’t be where it is today without a few key people that have helped us along the way. 

Firstly, we would like to extend our appreciation to our team members, both our store team and online team. The amazing work done by you all does not go unnoticed. The endless hours, professionalism, and care that you all employ impresses us all at management, and deem ourselves honored to work alongside you. 

To the management of the Jervis Shopping Centre and Georges Street Arcade. We thank you for your consistent support, particularly during these uncertain times within our lives and industry. We would like to give a special shoutout to Gwen Layden, Georges Arcade landlord, for waving our rent during the hardships of lockdown. We are forever indebted to you and your generosity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

At our very core, Nutty Delights is a small, family-owned, and run business, and we would be nowhere without the kindness and support of all our customers. Old and new. 

So, lastly, thank you for shopping with us - either in our brick and mortar stores or online - thank you. 

As we enter our 5th year of business, we have so much to be thankful for,  but most of all you, our customers. 

Thank you so much for your patronage over the last few years. We’ve truly enjoyed serving you - we look forward to serving you for many years to come. 

Take Care, 
Cashew later, 

Nutty Delights Management,
Nik & Vish