Tips & Tricks to Help Reduce your Plastic Waste this July 

Tips & Tricks to Help Reduce your Plastic Waste this July 

Tips & Tricks to Help Reduce your Plastic Waste this July 


The month of July is all about being plastic-free. Here at Nutty Delights, we are passionate about being sustainable at Nutty Delights. We have thoroughly committed to reducing our general waste in our business and also in our personal lives. We ask the same of our team members who are also passionate about the environment and play their part in reducing their waste. And, that’s the important thing, everyone no matter who they are has a part to play in saving the environment. 


Doing something as small as using a reusable grocery bag instead of a plastic bag can do wonders for the planet. It is estimated that one plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to degrade. That’s a huge number of plastic bags that end up in landfills every year. 


Tips and Tricks


Seeing as July is a plastic-free month, we thought we would share a few tips and tricks on how to reduce your plastic waste. If you start implementing these changes into your life, you will help change the world. Let us have a look: 

Swap your Gum

Stop chewing gum. Gum is made up of synthetic rubber, or more commonly known as plastic. More than likely, gum ends up on roads and streets. Not only is this an eye-sore, but it can take years to naturally erode. Chew on more sustainable options like Dried Mango or Dried Kiwi. The drying methods make for a leathery-like texture that can easily replace your pack of gum. 

Use your own Containers 

Bring your own containers to restaurants and shops. We always pack Tupperware and jars with us when we’re heading to a restaurant or shop that provides package-less shopping. Reusing Tupperware and jars eliminates the necessity for over-produced plastic containers for single-use. 


Bring your own reusable mug to your favorite coffee shop, too! 

Buy Fresh Produce 

Avoid buying frozen food. This is definitely a huge ask for some people, but at least reducing your frozen food purchase is good. Most frozen food packaging is heavily packaged in plastic. 

Research Sustainable Shops in your Local Area/Online

Shop from sustainable shops and cafes. Buy from food stores that offer foods like rice, cereal, etc from bulk bins. This way you save money and reduce your use of unnecessary plastic. This leads us to our next point, buy in bulk. We offer bulk services in our retail store and online store to anyone who looks to avail of the service. 

Buy Bulk

When you buy nuts, seeds, or dried fruit in bulk, you not only save money, but you cut down on useless packaging that is hard to recycle and essentially lands in a landfill somewhere. Disposable plastic containers are inundating grocery stores, but there is an alternative. Buying from establishments that offer the possibility of buying in bulk - like Nutty Delights. 

For all your bulk needs, click here. And, click here to check out our product range. 

What can we offer?

Here at Nutty Delights, we wanted to make plastic-free shopping as accessible as possible. All of our products are reasonably priced and we offer plastic-free shipping on all orders on our site. Plastic-free shipping is difficult for many people in Ireland, and it is something that many online vendors don’t offer. That’s what sets Nutty Delights apart from other nut retailers. 


Of course, we’re biased here, but shopping with us can reduce your carbon footprint, by our offering our plastic-free shipping. 


If you’re interested in sustainable shopping, check out our website.