It's time for parties and celebrations, so we bring you some ideas that you can include for snacks, which are sure to surprise everyone.

  1. Honey Mustard Mix

This colourful and tasty mix is one of our favourites. It is a combination of peanuts: a spicy one with wasabi and nori seaweed, and a sweet one with honey.  Both products individually are irresistible, but together they are the bomb! We like spicy but also sweet, but most of all we like to vary and mix it up. It's definitely a very good idea to celebrate New Year and give an extra spark to the night.


  1. Honey Chilli cashews

They're so good that they're almost always sold out! So hurry up and buy some for the holidays before they sell out! They are sweet and spicy, with a crunchy texture. They are our favourites, and we know it's not nice to say which son you prefer!


  1. Shanghai Coated Peanuts

this delicacy brought from china is divine to serve with cocktails on an evening with friends, enjoying the new year celebration with those closest to you.   With a crunchy peanut texture and a garlic and onion flavoured outer coating. People love it!            


  1. Dried Coconut Cubes

A fresh, elegant and tropical touch for this festive season. These coconut cubes are light and easy to eat, with a wonderful texture. Ideal to serve in a bowl with chocolate bonbons and nuts. They are sweet and pleasant in the mouth, in the form of small cubes.


  1. Dried Strawberries

They are natural sweets, the best! Ideal to be eaten directly, dipped in chocolate or included in your sweetest recipes! And we'll let you in on a secret: they look great in cocktails and gin and tonics!


  1. Vegetable Crisps

This product never fails, it always pleasantly surprises everyone who tries it, and then they don't stop snacking! They are like crisps but much healthier and more sophisticated, where you can find crunchy Green Radish, Carrots, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Red Beetroot, Purple Potato and Green Beans. Super crispy, salty and tasty, with a touch of umami.


  1. Sweet & Salty Mix

For those of us who like sweet and savoury and can't choose between the two, we bring you: both! Enjoy the honey-coated nuts and the roasted and salted ones!


  1. Spicy Nut Mix

If you like flavours that are noticeable and spicy, we highly recommend this mix. Perfect to serve and drink with your friends at a party and have a great time, if you know what I mean.


  1. Chocolate Fruit & Nut Mix

Perfect to serve at the end of dinner in bowls. There are 3 types of creamy chocolate which coat and cover peanuts, sultanas, almonds, hazelnuts and bananas. You will enjoy different flavours and textures, all of them delicious. They are also very convenient for tea time or even for baking!


  1. Salted Caramel Peanut Cluster

For those who like the most original sweets we bring you our golden clusters, made of peanuts and chocolate with salted caramel. A golden and sweet snack, with which you won't be able to stop after tasting them, as they are so soft and smooth in the mouth, with their crunchy peanut touch... ahh just stop! Definitely a must-have to pleasantly surprise your guests!