We've Got New Products You Need to Try!

We've Got New Products You Need to Try!

Here at Nutty Delights, we are always trying to improve our product range for our customers, as you, the customer, are the backbone of our company. You help support a small business like Nutty Delights by ordering our products be it online or in-store, so we want to ensure we have some of the best-tasting nuts and dried fruits you can find! 


In order to find delicious products, we need to taste them. We always try and test products before they hit our shelves. This ensures a tight quality control regime when it comes to new products. We want to ensure our nuts and dried fruits taste great, but more importantly, you the customer will enjoy. So with all that being said and with a little insight into how we go about getting new products, why not look at some new ones we just got?! 


If you’re on the hunt for new tasty, healthy snacks then keep reading!

Natural Sour Cherries


First on the list is our brand new Natural Sour Cherries. If you’re a fan of sour candy, you will love these sour cherries. These are instant snacks that go great in lunchboxes for the kids, or in their morning porridge. If you’re a baker or raw food enthusiast, sour cherries work great as a binder for making natural recipes like energy protein balls. Fresh cherries are a game-changer but because of their perishable nature, they’re hard to come by, so these naturally sour cherries are a great substitute to have in the pantry. 

Dried Melon Slices 

Next up are these delectable Dried Melon Slices, these are something that should be in everyone’s cupboards. These are so great for snacking and having on hand as a quick energy source. They’re even great if the little ones don’t like the taste of fresh melon as much, we’re sure they will love these! During drying processes, a trace amount of vitamins and minerals are lost, but not all of them, thus meaning that Dried Melon is still a great source of Vitamin C. 

Crunchy BBQ Peanuts

If you’ve ever dried our Crunchy BBQ Cashews, then we are sure you will LOVE these! Roasted to perfection and coated in a crunchy BBQ flavor. Peanuts are not only great for snacking, but they’re a great source of plant-based protein! These are perfect for after the gym or during the day when you’ve been on too many Zoom calls. 

Dried Red Pears

Something that is often found made fresh as a desert piece around Christmas is the eloquent poached pears. These Dried Red Pears are similar to what you would find at Christmas, but they’re dried and ready to eat all year round! These pears have red color as they are candied to ensure their longevity but this also makes them super aesthetically pleasing! Enjoy this sweet pear as a snack or in your own homemade trail mix! 

Vegetable Crisps

This next one is something our customers have been chatting about. Our Vegetable Crisps. Roasted to a fine crisp, these will replace all other brand named crisps you often snack on. In this Mix, you will find carrots, radish, sweet potato, pumpkin, beetroot, purple potato, green beans, and taro all perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper. You need to give these a try - they're also a healthier alternative to the later mentioned! 

Dried Physillais

Last, but not least are our Dried Physillais. Not as commonly known as the rest of the products mentioned but once you get to know about Dried Physalis you will be adding it to everything. Trust us, that’s what happened to us. An exotic and chewy fruit that is rich in vitamins and naturally sweet. They tend to have a sour note to them but they're so good in cereals, pastries, and even bread. Employing a sweet and sour flavor that is rich in important nutrients. Get some for yourself and see! 

That's all for now, but if you know anything about us, we are always adding and upgrading our products so if you have any ideas for us - let us know! info@nuttydelights is where to catch us. 


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