Where to Buy Gourmet Nuts Online 

Where to Buy Gourmet Nuts Online 

Where to Buy Gourmet Nuts Online 


Gourmet nuts might be one of life’s newest and greatest delicacies. Full of crunchy and sweet goodness, it’s hard to find a treat like them. When we talk about gourmet nuts we mean nuts that have been cooked and prepared with various spices and ingredients that change the appearance but enhance the taste of the nut. For example, our best-selling Smoked Almonds are perfectly roasted to ensure a satisfying crunch and are seasoned in a beautiful smokey, bbq flavoring making for a super moreish snack. 

Where do I find Gourmet Nuts:

Gourmet nuts, however, can often be hard to come by. They’re not as common as their raw counterparts that are usually found in aisles of supermarkets. So, if you can’t find them in your local shop, where could you find them. 


You can find all sorts of gourmet nuts from specialized vendors and shops like Nutty Delights. We are based in Dublin city center with two shops. One of our shops is located in the Jervis Shopping Centre and the other one is in Georges Arcade, in fact, Georges Arcade is the oldest arcade shopping center in Europe. Come for the nuts, stay for the history. 


If you’re not in Dublin or near it, we also supply our products online. You can find all of our gourmet nuts on our online store. Here is where you will everything from our Chilli Almonds to our BBQ Crunchy Cashews. You will also find relevant information like the countries origin, ingredients, and nutritional information. Top tip: if you really love a gourmet nut, we suggest buying in bulk to save yourself some cash in the future.


If you’re unsure what gourmet nuts you’d like, let’s have a look into some of our bestsellers, and the Nutty Delights team’s favorite gourmet nuts to snack on during the day when you need some extra fueling. 


Honey Cinnamon Hazelnuts 


These are like the holy trinity of god-like flavors. Hazelnuts are already rich in flavor and have a perfect crunch. Coating the roasted hazelnuts in honey and cinnamon makes these a more digestible form of protein. Then, the honey sweetens and adds a warm depth to the sensations while the cinnamon rounds the whole thing off with a final note of spice and comfort. 


Honey Cinnamon Hazelnuts are really something that has to be tried. Being full of natural fats and protein, honey cinnamon roasted hazelnuts are a sugary snack you might find hard to resist. 


Chilli Lime Cashew

This is an epic combination: chili and lime; sweet; sour and spicy, and when added to the creaminess of cashews, you’re left with a flavor combination you can’t have enough of. The spice of the chillis and citrus from the limes really enhances the umami nuttiness you get from the roasted cashews. 


The flavor bomb that is created from the chili and lime cuts into the fattiness of the cashews that create a sensation that is hard to beat. Every ingredient in this nut complements each other and you need to try them. 


Honey Pecans:


Roasted pecans are a great nutritionally dense snack to have on their own, but their true flavors and creaminess are heightened when paired with caramelized honey. Honey pecans are roasted and then glazed and coated in honey to make maybe one of the best tasting treats, ever. 


Pecans are a natural source of protein, fiber, and fats so it’s always useful to keep some near you when you feel a bit peckish for a filling and nutritious snack. Not to mention the added goodness of honey.


Selection Trays: 


There are so many gourmet nuts we would love to talk about, their taste, the nuance of flavor, how they’re made, but we’d be here all day. One way we thought of sampling a little bit of everything was by creating our selection trays. We have a whole host of selection trays on our site like our Sweet & Spicy tray, Savoury, and our Fruit and Nut Selection trays along with many more. Click here to check them out. 


The cool thing about the selection trays is that you can choose what gourmet nuts you want and try them all from Chilli Peanuts to NYC Style Caramelised Peanuts. You can try them all here, and if you are ever looking for recommendations be sure to drop us a line on our social platforms and we’ll respond! 


Treat yourself! 


Gourmet nuts are a new and exciting way to consume the goodness of nuts like protein and fiber, but also with a way to try nuts in a new venture that is full of flavor. If you’re hosting any dinner parties, be sure to have some nuts as a snack to wow your guests. 


They’re perfect for any time of the day, as a gift, or for some needed fuel. Don’t let me tell you, try for yourself. Click here.