Franchise Opportunities

Not just a Nut store

A Nutty Delights franchise & business growth opportunity unlike any other

Nutty Delights is a family-owned gourmet nut, dried fruit, and nut food products, distributor, and retailer who are quickly advancing into the wholesale and franchising sector of the food industry. We are an eco-friendly nut and dry fruit retailer based in Ireland’s capital, Dublin. Our goal is to provide people with great tasting, convenient and nutritious snacks, but we can’t do that alone.

Starting your own business can be a troublesome, daunting yet exciting journey. Pondering the real-life risks and rewards, time, and effort - it is a decision that can’t be made overnight. The more you research, the more you will learn that franchising is a viable option for start-up entrepreneurs. A franchise can be the catalyst that gets you started in the world of business and commerce without a lot of the associated risks. Owning a franchise gives you the opportunity to possess, control, and manage your own business.

Who are we?

Nutty Delights started its franchise in 2016 selling epicure nuts and nut products. We quickly built a strong presence in the heart of Ireland’s fair city, becoming Ireland’s first nut and dried fruit retailer who encouraged and supported sustainable methods of business. Our reputation throughout the city is propped up by our well-decorated stores and unique, tasteful products.

Nutty Delights’ as a Franchise

We, Nutty Delights are managed from our headquarters in Georges Street Arcade, where we also operate one of our retail stores. All trading, processing, packaging, fulfillment, and innovation commences inside these shop doors. The ethos of small business is weaved and threaded into Nutty Delights’ philosophy: to supply nutritional snack foods with an artisanal flair, to provide top-notch service to our customers, and to reduce our carbon footprint.

Who are you?

The business model and concept of Nutty Delights is for market merchants, retail space fillers, stalls, and pop-up kiosks. The franchisees of Nutty Delights must be self-employed and moreover, manage and be held responsible for their own operations. This includes but not limited to planning, licensing, hiring, and day-to-day operations, etc.

Benefits of Owning a Franchise

The benefits of owning Nutty Delights as a franchise are infinite, but here are a few that we believe are great:

  • Low-cost investment and high returns.

    The initial cost of a Nutty Delights franchise is fairly low and the return on investment can be made back on the first few years of operation.

  • Life and work balance

    Nutty Delights’ business model allows for full-time and part-time franchise owners. Whether you’re a parent, entrepreneur, or lifelong business investor our easy-to-follow business framework can allow for the perfect 50/50 life and work balance.

  • Advertising/Marketing

    There aren’t many companies that can say they have their own unique aroma advertising. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. The smell of our beautifully created nuts do most of the work for you; their smell alone will lure people into the shop premises. And, if the smell doesn’t do it, the look and taste will! In addition to sensory advertising, we also do digital marketing for you. We have an expert team of in-house marketers, copywriters, and social media specialists who will take great care of all the technical, online stuff!

  • Family-Friendly Business Model:

    Aforementioned, the ethics and principles of small business are woven and sewed through the fabric of Nutty Delights’ business model. It allows franchisees to look after their families and make serious and sustainable incomes in a safe environment while teaching their kids, friends, and loved ones about the value of an honest day’s work.

Our franchise agreement is clear and concise. It ensures the franchisees can stay focused on what’s important - selling uber-tasty nuts and dried fruits to the public while staying true to environmentalism; of which they are proud!

If you are serious about franchising Nutty Delights then drop us a line. We would be (nutty) delighted to hear from you and touch base.

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