Japanese Almonds Arare Japanese Almonds Arare
Japanese Almonds Arare
Country of Origin: Japan


Rice crackers are a popular snack in Japanese cuisine, and almond arare is a specific type of rice cracker that incorporates almonds into the recipe. These crackers are made by mixing glutinous rice flour with water and other ingredients such as soy sauce and sugar, and then forming the mixture into small balls or cubes. The crackers are then fried or baked until they are crispy and crunchy. Almond arare also contains small pieces of almond that add a nutty flavor and texture to the snack. It is often enjoyed as a snack with tea or sake, and is a popular item to bring as a souvenir when traveling in Japan.


More Information
Ingredients : Glutinous rice, ALMONDS (NUTS), corn oil, salt, flavour enhancer(s): E621, E635.
Allergens : May contain traces of: fish, soy
Storage Instruction : Store cool, dry, out of direct sunlight and packed

Nutrition Information

Typical Values 

Per 100g 


2316 kJ 

553 kcal 


Of which saturates 

Of which mono-unsaturated 

43.9 g 

7.8 g 

23.8 g 


Of which sugars 

26.9 g 

5.9 g 


3.3 g 


18.2 g 


0.03 g 

Japanese Almonds Arare

A crunchy and delicious traditional snack from Japan.
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