Country of Origin: Bolivia


The "Brazil nut," also known as the Pará nut, got its name from its initial importation to Europe from the Brazilian state of Pará. Despite their name, these nuts have no supernatural properties; their main distinguishing feature is their excellent taste. Brazil nut tree seeds are a delicious addition to cakes, bread, energy balls, muesli, and porridge, and can also be used to enhance savory recipes, such as pasta sauce. Purchase Brazil nuts today to satisfy your taste buds and transport yourself to Brazil!


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Ingredients : BRAZIL NUTS
Allergens : Contains BRAZIL NUTS.

(Packed in an environment which also handles nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, gluten, soya, milk and sulphured fruits.)

Storage Instruction : Store cool, dry, out of direct sunlight and packed up to 6 months. It is ok to refrigerate.

Nutrition Information

Typical Values 

Per 100g 


2857 kJ

682 kcal


Of which saturates 

67.1 g

16.1 g


Of which sugars 


4.2 g

2.3 g

7.5 g


14.3 g


0.01 g


  • Gluten Free

  • Vegan

  • Sugar Free

  • Caffeine Free

  • Dairy Free

  • Egg Free

  • Gelatine Free

  • No artificial Colouring

  • No artificial Flavouring

  • Preservatives Free

  • Low Sugar

  • Vegetarian


  • Antioxidants

  • Brain

  • Energy Booster

  • Hair & Skin

  • Healthy Heart

  • High Fibre

  • High Protein

Organic Brazil Nuts

A taste of delicious and natural brazil nuts
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Brazil nuts are an ideal way of snacking and cooking, not only because of the taste and healthy benefits, but also because these brazil nuts are organic!

It is an energetic food, ideal for athletes and has antioxidant properties, due to its selenium content. They are also recommended for people with cholesterol problems.

Brazil nuts are very rich in amino acids. They contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is one of the foods richest in linoleic acid (omega-6) and contains a high proportion of oleic acid (omega-9).

It is in the brown skin that is often attached that we find a greater amount of flavonoids (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties).

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