8 healthy office snack bundles you’ll love!

8 healthy office snack bundles you’ll love!

We all know the struggles of eating healthy at work, trust us, we’ve been there. Sitting at your desk all day can get relentless and can lead to boredom snacking or stress eating. The constant supply of sugary snacks sitting on the breakroom table requires too much willpower to avoid. The easiest way to stay healthy at work is to have healthy options available in the office. So instead of reaching for a few biscuits or chocolate next time you and your co-workers are feeling “hangry” or stressed out, you can reach out for the good snacks, that won’t just taste great but also make you feel great - It’s a win-win really! 

That being said, let’s get right into our new 8 office snack bundles that our team of snackologists carefully created to ensure you have the best snacking experience in the office! 

  • Trail mix  

Do you love a bit of everything? Are you a dried fruit lover but also love when nuts are added to the mix? Well here at Nutty Delights we believe variety is the spice of life! We created our trail mix bundle so you can enjoy a taste of everything! If you're looking for a little pick me up throughout the day, you're sure to love this bundle! These snacks are not only packed with flavor, but also with high amounts of vitamins and minerals that nuts provide due to their slow-releasing energy properties.  

  • Sweet tooth 

Do you have a sweet tooth but want to avoid snacking on sweets? We got you covered! We attentively selected some of our favorite sweet snacks for this sweet tooth bundle for when sugar cravings strike. No doubt there is something in this bundle everyone will love. Want to be transported to the streets of NYC to escape the office for a while? - Try our NYC caramelized peanuts!  

  • Salty and savory  

Are you a sweet or savory person? If you're a lover of all things savory and salty then this bundle is for you! A diverse variety of some of our favorite salty snacks perfect to beat them salt cravings. If you're looking to give your taste buds a kick, our wasabi peanuts and chili lime cashews will do the job for sure! They may be spicy but they are delicious. Roasted salted pistachios and smoked almonds are one of those nuts that will never go out of fashion that's why we made sure to add them to this bundle!  

  • Raw 

The perfect bundle packed with a variety of raw snacks to help fuel your day!  

Because of the cooking method we use for our raw nuts, these nuts are low in sodium. Our raw bundle will supply you with just the right amount of sodium you need in order to regulate your blood volume. We added our organic dried mango to the mix to add that juicy deliciousness to the bundle! Once you start snacking on our mango, it’s impossible to stop, trust us! Not only is this bundle super healthy, it’s also super tasty! 

  • Favorites 

Our favorites bundle is packed with all our most popular tasty snacks. You can’t go wrong with any of the snacks in this bundle - everything is to die for! All the snacks in this bundle have been Nutty Delights hits since the beginning, trust our judgment on this one and try this bundle out for yourself. This bundle will certainly wow your employees with its in-depth variety of different flavors.  

  • Chocolate lovers 

Attention all chocoholics - this bundle is for you! Because who doesn’t love all things covered in chocolate? This bundle is an assortment of perfectly roasted nuts and ripe fruits enrobed in beautiful, smooth milk, white and dark chocolate.  

The combination of smooth milk chocolate and a crunchy nutty center makes these snacks irresistible!  

  • Feeling fruity  

This bundle is for those who love dried fruit as much as we do. We have included our tastiest dried fruits into this one for you to easily enjoy.  In this bundle we have added goji berries and banana chips - the perfect snack to add to your breakfast cereals or porridge or simply eat them directly from the pack! Our dried mango, kiwi and peach are the perfect dried fruit to snack on throughout the day. They may be dried fruit but they still hold a lot of juiciness and are still rich in delicious flavor!  

  • Rise and shine   

If you're looking for a little morning pick me up on mornings where you still feel half asleep - then this bundle is perfect for you! Packed with snacks full of energy to give you that extra kick you need! This bundle is for all the bed heads out there, it’s packed with tons of energy filled snacks that are sure to wake you up when you're falling asleep at your desk! Not to add they do taste delicious too.  

There is no doubt there is something everyone at the office will love with these snack bundles. Make the change to a happier, healthier office fueling with good snacks that your employees will love! Which one would you stash at your desk? Let us know in the comments!