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Want to become a Nutty Delights affiliate? We, here at Nutty Delights, acknowledge and appreciate all our affiliates and we also believe that a lot of our success is tied to our affiliates’ contributions and is why we treat them with the utmost care. The same care we treat our customers with - and is why we would love to have some of you on board to become an ambassador! If you’re interested - keep reading!

Highlights of our affiliate program include:

When you become an affiliate, you create your own account which enables you to become more active within our business, check your account, track transactions made with your affiliate link and revise and monitor any commission you are owed. The commission will be paid monthly into your desired account. When you sign up for our affiliate program, you will receive a personalized link and discount code that you can share far and wide. This is what you will make commission from. You will also receive a flat-rate discount of 10% off all products that you wish to purchase.

Why Choose Us?

We are excited to present our affiliate program that is controlled by you, managed by you, and profited by you! Sounds great, right? The most important part is as an affiliate is you can receive commission without any products, investment costs, or personal website. We also don’t ask you for any personal information, technical knowledge, or work experience. This is the ideal program for any beginner or professionals alike! We are so passionate about what we sell and take pride in all of our products. This is why we are seeking passionately minded people to help promote our products across your social media outlets and to your audience. Sounds something you’d like to do, get in touch - sign up below!

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