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  1. Peanut "Smooth" Butter (1Kg)
    From €9.99
  2. Hazelnut "Smooth" Butter (1kg)
    From €19.99
  3. Cashew "Smooth" Butter (1kg)
    From €19.99
  4. Strawberry Pistachio Butter (170 gm)
    From €8.99
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    Coconut & Pistachio Butter (170 gm)
    From €8.99
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    Cherry Almond Butter (170 gm)
    From €5.99
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    Blueberry Cashew Butter (170 gm)
    From €5.49
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    Cashew "Crunchy" Butter (170 gm)
    From €5.49
  9. Almond "Crunchy" Butter (170 gm)
    From €5.49
  10. Rating:
    Cashew "Smooth" Butter (170 gm)
    From €5.49
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    Almond "Smooth" Butter (170gm)
    From €5.49
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are nut butters healthy?

Nuts, and by extension nut butters, also include protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which provide a number of health benefits. Nutty Delights nut butters do not contain sugar or salt, however, other nut butters from other brands often do, so to make sure we choose a healthy option, we need to look at the ingredients and make sure they do not contain sugar (or similar) or salt.

Do nut butters have sugar?

At Nutty Delights all our nut butters are sugar-free, keeping the taste natural and delicious and trying to keep it as unprocessed as possible. Some other nut butters may contain sugar or similar ingredients

What is the difference between conventional nut butters?

Conventional nut butters are often accompanied by-products such as sugars or similar products (fructose, corn syrup, etc.), salt, sweeteners, palm oils, or other refined oils, and for this reason, they are often of little nutritional value and have more negative than positive effects on health. However, our nut butters are all sugar-free, salt-free, sweetener-free, and free of refined oils. Made with natural ingredients and minimally processed.


All our nut butters are vegan, made with only vegetable products. You can enjoy a variety of nut butters like our Strawberry & Pistachio Butter, Hazelnut Butter, Cherry Almond Butter, and much more.

Why do nut butters have so many calories?

This is because it is an energy food whose nutritional composition consists mainly of healthy fats. Fats are the macronutrient with the highest amount of kcal per gram. For this reason, although some nut butters have health benefits, it is recommended to consume them in moderation.

Are nut butters gluten-free?

Our nut butters are all gluten-free and without risk of cross-contamination, suitable for coeliacs. There is a wide variety of nut butter products to enjoy with everybody.

What health benefits have nut butters?

The healthy fats, protein, and fiber content of peanut butter can reduce your cravings. It will also keep you fuller for longer than other foods. It contains potassium, antioxidants, and magnesium, nutrients that support muscle recovery and boost immunity. Its fats contain oleic acid, which could help maintain good cholesterol levels.

How do you store nut butters?

The best thing to do is store it in a cool dry place, always keep the lid on, do not leave the jar open. It is ok to refrigerate, even if the recommended thing to do it’s keeping it at a temperature where fats don’t solidify.

How long do nut butters last?

It is always best to look at the expiry date of the product. Once opened, keep up to 6 months. Sometimes over time the aqueous phase separates from the fat and two different layers remain. Don't worry, this does not mean it is out of date, it is simply due to a lack of additives to keep it in a firm texture. All you have to do is stir it and that's it.

Where are nut butters processed?

All our nut butters are processed in the UK. We have various flavours and textures. You can choose from crunchy, smooth or sweet roast. Pistachio, hazelnut, almond, cashew, or peanut. With strawberry, coconut, cherry, or blueberry.