Salt and pepper have been a staple seasoning duo for decades. The saltiness mixed with the hot kick from the pepper makes this combo one of the most delicious pairings. No matter how bland the food is, salt and pepper will always kick it up a notch. We bring you the trio you’ve been waiting for - salt and pepper cashews! There is no doubt these will be your new go to snack, one handful of these and you're sure to be hooked! Our delicious cashews are generously seasoned with salt and pepper, each bite is a glimpse of perfection! Bring our salt and pepper cashews to your next party and wow your guests.


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Ingredients : CASHEWS, sea salt, rice flour, maltodextrin, sugar, lemon juice powder. spice (black pepper): tapioca and/or maize starch, natural flavourings.
Allergens : Contains CASHEWS. May also contain peanuts, and other tree nuts.
Storage Instruction : Please store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Salt & Black Pepper Cashews

Salt and Pepper lovers - This snack is for you!
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