Country of Origin: Netherlands


These crunchy, dry-roasted cashews deliver a unique and irresistible flavor experience, beginning with their naturally rich and buttery taste that leads into a distinctive cheese-like and onion aftertaste. This savory combination enhances the nuts' inherent nuttiness, offering a delightful contrast that tantalizes the palate. Perfect for those who appreciate a gourmet twist on classic snacks, these cashews are a must-try for anyone seeking to indulge in a sophisticated, savory treat.


More Information
Ingredients : CASHEW, Cheese & Onion style seasoning, brown sugar, Salt.
Allergens : For Allergens, See Ingredients in Capital Letters May contain, Peanuts and other Tree Nuts
Storage Instruction : Store cool, dry, out of direct sunlight and packed
Packaging Information : In the case of stock & production problems, certain products can be replaced by one of equivalent or better value products.

Nutrition Information


Typical Values 

Per 100g 


2385 kJ 

574 kcal 


Of which saturates  

40.9 g 

7.3 g  


Of which sugars 

32.5 g 

8.6 g 


3.3 g 


17.3 g 


1.57 g 



  • Egg Free

  • Gelatine Free

  • No artificial Flavouring

  • Low Sugar

  • Vegetarian

Cream and Onion Cashews

Savor the Crunch, Relish the Twist: Where Cashews Meet Gourmet Bliss.
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