2022 Recap - What a nuts year it has been!

 2022 Recap - What a nuts year it has been!

- What a nuts year it has been!

- thank you to all our amazing staff and customers for being a part of it.

We have many cherishable moments throughout 2022, from the big things such as markets to the little things like creating our Nutty Delights mascot. Each holds special memories for all of us at Nutty Delights.

Let's reminisce on all the fun memories we have had together throughout 2022.

( The creation of Peanut and Mango - Our mascots!)

We were lacking a cute little mascot to represent Nutty Delights in our posts and graphics - then these guys were born! For a limited time, we sent them out in orders as adorable stickers. Were you lucky enough to get one of these cuties in your order?

( Our amazing intern Judith!)

Judith joined our team as an intern during the summer - we were huge fans of all her amazing work. We loved having her here around the office, her infectious smile made everyone's day! We miss you!

(Beer Day)

On a beautifully sunny day in Dublin, we celebrated Beer Day by grabbing some nuts and heading to the pub for pints! (this was my highlight of 2022)

(Bray BBQ)

The first market of the year! You guys how much we love markets so we were thrilled to be back!

(Catch these nuts)

To celebrate our 6th year anniversary we wanted to think outside the box and create something all our followers could engage in. After brainstorming we came up with the filter game “Catch these nuts”. We had tons of fun with this one playing it around the office.

(Nik’s Birthday)

We love celebrating everyone's birthday (and getting to eat donuts) here at Nutty Delights, and Nik’s was a special one!

(Back to school campaign)

We wanted to get kids excited about healthy eating as they went back to school! We created this coloring sheet kids could enjoy - this was a really fun project!

(Cillians Return)

In September we welcomed back our amazing supervisor Cillian! Words can’t describe how thrilled we were to have him back. His presence and big personality causes smiles all round Georges arcade.

(Guess the peanut challenge)

This was such a laugh! Everyone on the Nutty Delights took part in the “guess the peanut challenge”. Turns out we were all peanut experts but we still had a lot of fun!

(Dublin town)

We are nuts about markets! We went down to Drury street to support and to celebrate #purpleflag with Dublintown! We had so much fun at this and it got us so excited for the Christmas Market in Dublin Castle!

(Hot Press)

We were recommended in Hot Press’s list of places to visit in 2022 - what a serious honor! We were so stoked about this one.

(Nutty Delights Christmas Party 2022)

We had such a fun night for our Christmas party! As we all work in different areas, it’s rare we all come together, but when we do we have a blast.

(Dublin Castle - Christmas at the Castle)

What a way to finish the year - our favourite market in Dublin! We were selling FRESH hot roasted chestnuts for the first time and you guys loved them! The response was insane. We were so happy to bring you that lovely novelty of hot roasted chestnuts. We had such good fun, and the atmosphere and people we met were amazing - a great send-off to 2022.

And that's a wrap, folks!

We thank you for the ongoing support through 2022 - we are nuts about all of you! Cashew in 2023 for a nuttier year full of delights


The Nutty Delights Team