We are SUPER excited that Christmas is just around the corner!

Gathering the family, reunions, big meals, sharing moments together... We just can't wait any longer! And as it never hurts to give something to share with everyone, we propose a list of 6 gifts from Nutty Delights. In all these hampers you can change and personalise the products you want to include inside to get it 100% right. Sweet, salty, chocolate, vegan, gluten-free, organic, lactose-free, gourmet, or fruit! You name it!

  1. Box of Winter Wonderland


For the classics. A Christmas box full of natural and gourmet nuts, as well as the sweet touch of dried fruits. Different textures, crunchy and smooth; different flavours, sweet, salty and spicy. This box comes in 3 different sizes with which you can surprise with these Christmas snacks. Definitely a cheerful touch to Christmas gatherings! Sharing is caring!

  1. Very Merry Christmas Basket


For the daring! These boxes are full of magic (and flavours!) If you are a spice lover and love to try all kinds of ranges, this is definitely the box for you. Enjoy the exotic, the sweet, the salty, and the spicy. Each product in this box is very different from the other, so you will get unique experiences in each bag. Do you dare?

  1. Whole Nuts in Shell Tray & Nutcraker


For those who like the traditions, those who enjoy doing it in the purest Christmas style and who also enjoy the traditional process of opening the nuts by hand. Definitely a reward that is more enjoyable! This tray even comes with a nutcracker, so you don't have to worry about anything and just sit in front of the fireplace and enjoy these delicious nuts.

  1. Xmas Bag


For those who love details. With the Xmas Bag, completely customisable, you can give the best gifts to the people you love the most, because there is nothing more Christmassy than giving and sharing moments together with a good snack! Catching up in the comfort of the living room, after so much time away from the family, while enjoying some gourmet nuts... Nothing more to add, your honour!

  1. Xmas Box


For the most desired reunions. This box is ideal for sharing. Inside you can find nut mixes, natural and gourmet nuts. Perfect to put in a bowl and start enjoying! Remember that you can customize this box and make it totally personalized! We personally love this box, with the design and the products inside.

  1. Big Giant Goodness


If you like to celebrate Christmas in style, this great hamper is for you! With nut butters, gourmet nuts and dried fruit, this hamper is sure to delight your family and friends this Christmas. Many of the products in it are best sellers, but you can always adapt it to your taste and customise it.