Explore the Diversity of Nut Butters

Explore the Diversity of Nut Butters

Explore the Diversity of Nut Butters

The store-bought peanut butter we are typically used to has some stiff competition these days. A walk down any grocery shop, you will find creamy spreads from a variety of nuts and fruits. Which is amazing. These spreads and butters can add variety to your diet, and they’re not just for toast or sandwiches, they can be used for dips and sauces for porridge, fruits, and veg. 

The important part about nut butters is your discovery to finding the one you love. That’s why it was important for us to create and produce nut butters that were not only delicious but were different from your typical nut butters you would find in a shop. 

Brand New Butter Range 

We have the traditional nut butters that everyone loves like Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, Cashew Butter, etc - but because we’re different we wanted to explore different flavours. And thus began the journey of our nut butter creation. Perfecting our recipes, and creating one of the tastiest (we believe so) nut butter range now on the market in Ireland. 

Before we dive into the flavours, let’s quickly chat about the base ingredients for all of the butters. Almond, Cashew, Pistacho. 

Almond Butter 

Almond butter is a fantastic choice if you are looking to broaden your nut horizons past traditional peanut butter. Almond butter tastes amazing and has a similar texture and thickness to that of its counterpart, peanut butter. One of the main benefits of almond butter is that it is generally high in protein and other heart-healthy fats. 

We have perfectly roasted almonds and combined them with the beautiful and sweet flavours of cherries to create our Cherry and Almond Butter. Our Cherry Almond Butter is the perfect morning spread you need to satisfy any sweet cravings in the morning.

Not only is this a great source of protein, but it's a fantastic flavour booster to your morning cereal, toast, or even smoothies. This is a fantastic choice for almond butter lovers everywhere who love an extra flavour variant with their spreads.

If you’re a fan of cherries and almonds, go here to check out this butter. 

Cashew Butter

Next up, Cashew Butter. Cashew Butter is somewhat lower in fat and protein than its nut butter family. But, it offers a silky and creamier texture. It can be a healthy option for those looking to up their iron intake. 

With the creaminess of Cashew Butter in mind, we decided to pair it with sweet blueberries to, quite possibly, the best brunch nut spread you need. This nut butter offers up amazing flavours that will remind you of some of your favourite brunch snacks. No need to go out anymore when you can have this creamy nut butter in your pantry. 

Pistachio Butter

And, last, but not least, Pistachio Butter. Lots of you have been asking us when we would create our own pistachio butter. So, now we can finally say we have done it! Not only do we have a creamy, smooth Pistachio Butter, but we have Crunchy Peanut Butter and we decided to go all out and use out PIstachio butter as the base for some of our new flavoured butters.

We have Coconut Pistachio Butter, Strawberry and Pistachio Butter, and Sweet Roast Pistachio Butter. These butters offer the perfect umami experience for any of you flavour hunters. This is such a tasty treat on toast in smoothies. 


To read all about the delicious flavoured butters, click here. You need to try all of these butters ASAP. They are so good! 


Pistachio nut butter employs a nutty, earthy and sweet flavour and is achieved by grinding pistachios together until it forms a paste. This delectable nut butter is a decent source of fibre, protein and vitamins B6.with its rich flavour, you can use PIstachio Butter for all kinds of desserts and breakfasts. 


For all new and exciting nut butters, go to our site to check it out!