Gift Guide to Fathers Day

Gift Guide to Fathers Day

Gift Guide to Fathers Day:


With Fathers Day less than two weeks away, shopping for dad can certainly feel like an impossible task. Whether it’s finding a gift that your dad needs or one that’s thoughtful, the hunt for the perfect gift can be a tough challenge. A good place to start is by looking at your Dad’s interests. 


If your Dad is a foodie or beer, and wine lover, we’re sure the gifts we’re about to show you will put a huge smile on Dad’s face. Fortunately, for us, we didn’t have to do much internet exploring as we have the perfect Fathers Day gifts here at Nutty Delights HQ. 


Keep reading to find out what we have in-store and online for those last-minute shoppers. 

Jar of Raw Nuts

For the Dads who are fond of recycling: 


We have the perfect sustainable gift here for all the dads out there who are conscious of the rubbish bins. Being a sustainable business is of the utmost importance to us here at Nutty Delights. All of our packaging is recycled or reused, or in this case, this mason jar is a vehicle for future storage and less waste! 


Introducing the Jar of Raw Nuts. We have Jars of all kinds of gourmet nuts and dried fruits, too. Our customizable mason jars are the perfect low waste gift to get your green Dad this Father’s day. These jars are brimming with all kinds of goodness like raw cashews and almonds, or if he has a sweet tooth, a jar of dried fruits would be perfect! 


These jars not only look good but the snacks that they are filled with speak for themselves. Check it out for yourself. 


Dad’s Boozy Basket


Has your Dad a home bar or a man cave? Or loves snacking while having a few beverages? We quite possibly have made the perfect item for home bars everywhere.


If like everyone your dad found some old scrappy wood pallets and made them into a make-shift bar this year then he will LOVE this as a gift for his bar. Our Dad’s Boozy Basket is the perfect present!


Each nut that is in the Boozy Basket has been carefully chosen to compliment all types of larger, IPA’s, and ciders for a perfectly rounded treat. Believe us when we say carefully choose. This won’t just be a gift, this is an experience. Dad can experiment with all types of beers and find what gourmet nuts go best with the poison of his choice.


Your Dad will love this so much, it’ll take center stage atop the bar!


Pint and Nut Tray


Last, but not least - perhaps our favorite gift of all - is our Pint and Nut Tray. Included in this gift are two packets of gourmet nuts with a pint glass that is embossed with No.1 Dad. This gift will accurately portray how you feel about your Dad. 


There might not be a better way to tell your Dad you love him. Just make sure he doesn’t go taking the glass down to the local! 


To shop our entire gift range, shop here. 


Treat your Dad this year, treat him to Nutty Delights.