Christmas is just around the corner, and those of us who love nuts are itching to warm up some good natural nuts or gourmet nuts and enjoy them alone or in company, but warm!
Not only because heating them gives more warmth to the home and that aroma of roasted nuts, but also because heating them accentuates the flavours! Heat them in the oven, in the microwave or in the frying pan, you will enjoy a different aroma and flavour.

For this reason, we bring you 10 nut products to eat warm to enjoy!


1. Chilli Almonds

One of our favourites when it comes to roasting nuts. Hot almonds are always a good option, and if they are spiced, the flavour is accentuated even more! In this case, the spice in hot almonds gives a super tasty touch to the product.


2. Peeled & Cooked Chestnuts

Ready to take out of the bag and heat up! They are high in fibre and vitamins, low in fat and very delicious! Because there's nothing more Christmassy than the smell of roasting chestnuts.


3. Savoury Nuts Mix

If you like to spice up your life and have variety, then this is the product for you. Heat them up and accentuate the flavours, enjoy a mix of spicy aromas and flavours such as lime, cumin, chilli, cardamom, ginger and more!


4. NYC Style Caramelised Peanuts

If you have a sweet tooth, these caramelised peanuts are for you! They are traditionally sold in paper cones and freshly made, i.e. very hot! That's why we put them on our list, but be careful when heating them up not to melt the caramel!


5. Lemon Salted Almonds

If citrus is more your thing, we recommend these salted almonds with a touch of lemon. They tend to be a crowd pleaser, especially when slightly warm!


6. Sweet & Salty Mix

For those of us who can't decide between sweet or savoury, or want both, this is our option. A mixture of salted nuts and dried fruits, and sweet with honey... You won't believe how good it is just warmed up.


7. Smoked Almonds

A favourite! These almonds are super delicious, and as a smoked product, it is the temperature that enhances the flavour. It will leave you with an incredible aftertaste.


8. Dry Roasted Nuts Mix

If you are more into natural and roasted nuts and dried fruits, we recommend this mix in which you will get a variety of them, and also give it a few turns in the pan or leave it a few minutes in the oven. I'm sure you will like it so much that it will become a habit!


9. Roasted & Salted Corn

A crunchy, salty and super tasty snack. It's simply roasted and salted corn, something so simple but so tasty. Your new and delicious snack is here and waiting for you! If you love crunch and saltiness then you will fall in love with it.


10. Cinnamon Mix

This mix is one of our favourites. They're sweet, they're original, they’re delicious, and they delight everyone. Try heating them in the microwave for a few seconds and you'll see what a pleasure they are! Also ideal to mix with popcorn to watch a movie!