Ireland's only Nuts Store

Ireland's only Nuts Store

Nutty Delights' Retail Store


You’re probably reading this article on some form of a technological device via our virtual nut store. And, that’s great, welcome! We’ve really invested a lot into our online nut store as of late. We revamped our website for an easier experience for you, the customer, so that you can glide through the store with ease. 


The virtual nut store was a true voyage of effort, but we are delighted with the ending. But, the real labor of love this year has been our two stores. 

What? Two Physical Nut Stores - Where?

If you didn’t know - we have two nut stores located in Georges Street Arcade and Jervis Street Shopping Centre in Dublin City Centre. In 2016, we opened Dublin’s first and only premium dried fruits and nut store. Our first store and HQ is located in Georges Street Arcade, Europes oldest city markets. All Nutty Delights operations, ideas, processing, and packaging orders happen under this historical roof. 


Covid-19 has changed everything for us, much like it has done for everyone else. Keeping the stores open was a difficult decision to make and only commenced operations when it was safe to do so. We stepped up our hygiene game. Only our staff are allowed to handle the products, PPE is provided and stations are sanitized all the time. 

Still Christmas Shopping? 

December 21st was our final day for online Christmas orders. We had to set a deadline in order to ensure our customers would receive their orders in time for the big day. If you bought something from us over the year, thank you, we appreciate it so much. But, our stores are still open!


If you’re a fan of our virtual nut store, then you’ll love our physical stores. Everything you find on our website, you can find in the shop with a helpful Nutologist on hand to help you pick the best nuts and dried fruits. 

Call in-store

And, here’s the best part, we are open all through the holidays! With exceptions on Christmas Day and New Years Day. Click here to see our holiday opening times. We have so much in store, you wouldn’t believe it! Ranging from delectable treats like our Sweet & Salty nut mix to our candy-like dried kiwi and strawberries -  honestly, if you have a sweet tooth, these are for you - even to a wide range of Nutty Delights gifts for any loved one like your Dad, Mum or partner. 


If you’re out in the Fair City grabbing those last pieces, call in and see what we have on offer, we guarantee you’ll find something! We’re here for you all you last-minute shoppers. A trip to our store can ensure that you can finally answer the taxi-man when he asks you “are you sorted for this year?” and you can say “yes because I went to Nutty Delights” 

Thank You for your Support - Merry Christmas 

For all your last-minute gift needs or Christmas dinner ingredients call in-store to see us. Give the gift of great tasting snacks this Christmas. 


Through two tough lockdowns, we have stood tall on the shoulders of our wonderful customers. Thank you for everything. 


Dublin’s only dried fruit and nut retailers, signing off and wishing you a very Merry Christmas