Why Choose Nutty Delights?

Why Choose Nutty Delights?

Why Choose Nutty Delights?


Hunting down quality, organic nuts in Ireland can be tough. You’re often faced with the choice of supermarket nuts and dried fruits. These are typically overpriced and more often than not, the nuts you find there aren’t organic. Luckily, here at Nutty Delights - producing organic nuts and dried fruit is paramount to us. We want to supply the best products and services to our customers. 


We may be a little biased, but we believe there are a few reasons why you should choose Nutty Delights as your main nuts and dried fruits supplier. 


We’re a Small Business


We’re a small business! Nutty Delights is made up of a small handful of hard-working and passionate people who are eager to show people the amazing world of great-tasting nuts. And, nuts of all sorts, gourmet nuts, chocolate nuts, organic nuts, seeds, trail mixes, and many more nut blends. You can quite easily say, we are nuts about nuts! The important thing here is that we’re a small business, trying our hardest to stay afloat, provide a top-quality service all while sharing our knowledge and expertise on nuts. 


Looking for Organic Nuts at Wholesale Prices?

We are pretty accommodating here, too. We get a lot of inquiries from people wondering do we wholesale and provide our nuts in bulk. Good news, we do! If you get in contact with us, we can provide any of our products in bulk. Some popular choices include organic raw nuts, dried fruit like strawberries, raisins, and mangoes, and some of our chocolate nuts. If this is something you’re interested in - if you’re trying to save some cash or you’re a business reach out, we’ll be happy to help you! 

Plenty of Products 

Our product range is stacked! It is loaded with products and varieties of all sorts. We know there is something for everyone.  Like our fudge - even though we’re a nut store - we still tend to sell a little bit of sweetness. To help brighten up anyone’s days! We believe in diversity, and we embrace and showcase that in our product range. If you’re new to Nutty Delights, click here to check out the website and our store. And, if you’re about Dublin call into any of our two stores. The best place for nuts in Ireland. 



Sustainability is stitched into the fabric of our company. It, above all else, is our primary goal. We want to be a fully green business. We ensure that we are taking environmentally friendly steps in every part of our buying process and how we deliver the product to our customers in Ireland. By cutting out vehicles, to offering zero-plastic shipping methods when you buy online or in-store. We are always doing our part in supporting green and sustainable methods, by offering advice to fellow companies and being a part of many zeroist communities. Do your part by shopping Nutty Delights today! 


Choose Us for Great Nuts in Ireland 

There are plenty of reasons why we believe you should choose Nutty Delights as your one-stop shop for organic nuts, dried fruits, and other nut products. But, instead of us telling you, why not try for yourself. Go on and treat yourself to a little bit of Nutty Delights and see for yourself, why we and so many people are nuts about Nutty Delights. 


Thanks for reading, To check out our range, go here.