Halloween is a very celebrated date, full of excitement, fun and spooky costumes... and lots of sweets and treats traditionally hidden in pumpkin-shaped cauldrons and under the mythical phrase "trick or treat". This can be a headache for parents, who are aware that their children will end up binge eating after the party, with all the health problems that this can entail.

Of course, it is not a question of banning these sweets or of making the children bitter, but we can introduce healthier guidelines and ideas to make the holiday healthier and more beneficial for the children.

For this reason, we bring you 20 fun non-candy alternatives for this Halloween to enjoy!

  1. Dried Kiwi
    Dried kiwi slices have a sharp, sweet taste with a fruity touch. Dehydrated kiwi slices are packed with vitamin C, and they also contain a lot of potassium! No added sugars on it! With these bright colours, you can also create fun recipes for Halloween.

  2. Dried Strawberry
    One of Nutty Delights' number 1 products, these dehydrated strawberries are nature's treats. With a similar texture and taste than candies, but much more natural, this snack always delights children. Definitely a great alternative to candy!

  3. Dried Papaya Cubes
    These papaya cubes are irresistible! Their shape, colour and flavour make them look like candy, but they are actually sweet dried papaya. In the form of small cubes, ideal for snacking, baking, or to add to any meal, these natural treats are a real hit.

  4. Dried mango
    Dried mango is a remarkably good source of vitamin A, which contributes to a strong immune system, visual system and metabolism. Present in not such a high amount are vitamin B, vitamin D and vitamin A - all essential nutrients. There is also iron, as well as calcium and phosphorus. Additionally to the good nutritional values, these dried mangos are really nice to eat.

  5. Dried Melon
    Our dried melons are a healthy and delicious treat. In the shape of tiny segments and with an orange colour. Chewy, sweet, super tasty! They are very similar to melon flavoured jelly beans, but in this case, we offer them in a more natural and healthy way. What are you waiting for to try them?

  6. Dried Apple Cinnamon Chunks
    Do you like cinnamon? and do you like apples? If so, you'll love these cinnamon-coated apples. The sweetness of the dried apples brings out the beautiful aromas and flavour of the cinnamon. They make a great snack, as well as a perfect addition to your overnight oatmeal, cereal or desserts. These apple cinnamon bites are a satisfying snack that will satisfy any sweet cravings you may have!

  7. Dried Natural Pineapple Bites
    these natural pineapple bites are just that, pineapple, and nothing more. An easy, tasty, mess-free and healthy way to celebrate Halloween. Not only would we be replacing the candy, but we would be increasing our fruit consumption while still enjoying a sweet treat! It contains lots of fibre, vitamins and minerals.

  8. Dried Peach
    These dried peaches have a sweet and fruity aroma and taste, while maintaining a firm texture and golden colour. This treat is high in fibre, 8.2g/100g, and contains the vitamins and minerals of peaches as only the water has been removed, thus preserving all its properties and almost all its nutrients. Definitely a good healthy alternative for Halloween.

  9. Dried Red Pears
    Beautiful dried red pears, wonderful for eating and decorating. Dried red pears are sweet and have a super fruity aroma. They have a firm, leathery texture and are red in colour. These dried pears turn red when they are candied and take on a reddish colour. This not only makes them very tasty, but also aesthetically pleasing.

  10. Dried Apricots
    Dried apricots have a firm texture, as well as being a delicious and nutritious snack. Thanks to the drying method, they have a concentrated and very intense flavour. They contain many essential nutrients, such as potassium, iron, copper, vitamin K and antioxidants, as well as being an excellent source of fibre, which can help treat constipation. These tasty and energising fruits are an ideal healthy snack when you're craving something sweet.

  11. Snow Chocolate Almonds
    These snowy chocolate almonds are a delicious treat for any occasion. The toasted almonds are coated in a thin layer of delicious smooth chocolate with a light coating of icing sugar. It's ideal for those who love something a little sweet and crunchy. It has a phantasmagoric appearance thanks to its light and thin icing sugar coating!

  12. Salted Caramel Peanut Clusters
    We've taken perfectly roasted peanuts and dipped them in sweet chocolate with salted caramel for a luxurious, smooth and rich bite. They make a great treat or to enjoy on their own when you need a pick-me-up or just crave something sweet. Peanut clusters are the perfect little treat you need this Halloween, for watching a scary movie or hosting an event. Everyone will fall in love with these delicious treats.

  13. Roasted & Salted Corn
    For those of you who are not very sweet, or for those of you who would like to have more savoury treats on Halloween and not so much sweet overdose, we bring you roasted and salted corn! A crunchy, salty and super tasty snack. It's simply roasted and salted corn, something so simple but so tasty. Your new and delicious snack is here and waiting for you! If you love crunch and saltiness then you will fall in love with it.

  14. Tiramisu Chocolate Almonds
    You'll be amazed at how delicious these chocolate coffee almonds are (caffeine free!). Perfectly roasted and rounded almonds paired with the winning combination of white chocolate and a delicious tiramisu flavour. It's a truly sensational combination that's the perfect treat for a dinner party or while watching a horror movie. Enjoying the incredible taste and flavour that this treat has to offer. Try them, we promise you won't regret it!

  15. Mixed Coated Peanuts
    Possibly the best mix of salted nuts there is. They are all beautifully coated with crunchy corn on the outside and all have different seasonings. Each handful is a chance to be different from the last or the next. The colours with orange tones go very well with the Halloween theme.

  16. Chocolate Hazelnut Mix
    No wonder hazelnuts and chocolate are a superior combination. Luxurious white, milk and dark chocolate wrapped in crunchy, toasted hazelnuts. Perfect for snacking, adding to bowls during a movie, or serve for a Halloween party!

  17. Cinnamon Mix
    What could be more autumnal than nuts and cinnamon? This mix is one of our favourites, and even more so at this time of year. They're sweet, they're original, they're healthier than Halloween candy, and they delight everyone. Try heating them in the microwave for a few seconds and you'll see what a pleasure they are! Also ideal to mix with popcorn to watch a scary movie!

  18. Apple Cubes
    On Halloween you can't miss apples, and we bring you dehydrated apple cubes! They have the perfect shape, size, texture and flavour for snacking and sharing. They can be eaten directly or used for baking. No added sugars, just apples.

  19. Freeze Dried Yogurt Strawberries
    Who dares to try these "vampire bites"? A sweet dried strawberry covered in a layer of creamy yoghurt white chocolate. Take a bite and discover its sweet red heart. An explosion of flavour and a great combination: strawberries and chocolate. Guaranteed success.

  20. Cookie & Apple Pie Cluster
    Who doesn't like a freshly baked apple pie? This cluster of biscuits and apple pie is inspired by the momentary experience we all have when we indulge in a pie. The citrus of the apple, combined with the crunch of the biscuit and white chocolate, make this a treat you've got to try! Forget all the fuss of baking and try a bunch of biscuits and apple pie.