Nutty Delights’ Ultimate Guide to Gift Buying 2020

Nutty Delights’ Ultimate Guide to Gift Buying 2020

First and foremost, Merry Christmas!

Christmas is right around the corner, the Christmas lights are up, songs blasting through shopping store airwaves and everyone’s excited. Excited for the build-up, excited to see their friends and family over the festive period, and excited to see what has been left under the tree for them. 


This year has felt like a voyage overseas in a dingy. To say the least. Roll on 2021… But, before we even get there, let’s enjoy Christmas. Here at Nutty Delights, we are bringing a comprehensive gift guide to make your Christmas shopping a little easier - and less anxiety-ridden! 


Buying for Dad?


If you’re shopping for your Dad, who can be the hardest to buy for because he does the whole “I don’t want anything, don’t worry about me” thing, but you know if you didn’t get him anything he would be raging! So, we’ve got you covered with our Nuts and Pint Glass box. This is the perfect gift for any beer-loving Dad. You’ll get two bags of gourmet nuts that you can choose from and a standard tulip pint glass with “Best Dad Ever” printed across the top because let’s face it, he is the best Dad ever! 


A tip from us if you’re buying this gift? Make sure to include a salty nut blend like Dry Roasted and Salted Almonds or Smoked Almonds to really enhance the flavours and tones in the beer. 


Doing Secret Santa?


There’s no doubt that this year has been weird and with that working from home has been an adjustment factor in all this madness. If you’re doing the annual Secret Santa with work this year and it just turns out that you got the colleague you’ve only met over Zoom and know nothing about - then don’t fret! We’ve got you sorted! Our Work from Home Basket is the perfect gift item for the mystery-met-on-zoom-colleague. 


Jam-packed with some delectable nuts and dried fruits, this basket is brimming with essential nutrients like protein and carbohydrates to fight off the midday slump. Even though you don’t know your teammate, too well, they’ll thank you for this present. 

Gifts for Anyone and Everyone? We’ve Got you Covered! 

These next gifts can be for anyone. They can be for your best friend to convey that their general brillness doesn’t go unnoticed or it could be for that annoying in-law that decided to make an impromptu visit - either way, our Christmas gifts are a great present to just have stored away. Or, this year, they can even replace the traditional Quality Street box that sits on the table during December. 


Check out our “A Very Merry Christmas” Basket for an elaborately decorated Christmas themed gift - loaded with dry fruits and nuts of your choice for that special someone. This basket, in particular, has been carefully curated to accompany any red, white or mulled wine. The absolute best gift for any wine lovers in your life! 



Our Winter Wonderland box, although named after the best Christmas song, yes you can fight us on this one, is packed full of nuts and dried fruit that are imperative for a healthy and strong immune system. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals the foods in this box is a great way to strengthen your body. 


Support Small Business! 


This year, more than ever, it’s important to spread the Christmas Cheer. Through giving and receiving gifts. But, what’s also important is where you buy your gifts from. Shopping local and supporting small business means you’re helping put Christmas dinner on the table and gifts under the tree for the small business owners. You’re paying wages and boosting the local economy. 


Now, more than ever, small businesses need your help! This year we ask you to stay local and shop local. Shop local, shop Nutty Delights. 


Merry Christmas!