Top 10 summer snacks to add to your picnic basket

Top 10 summer snacks to add to your picnic basket

With the days getting warmer and the evenings getting longer, it's time to enjoy some summer fun in the sun! When we think of summer activities, the idea of sitting out in the sun enjoying a picnic with family or friends always comes to mind. Let's be real here, nothing says summer like picnics! Whether you're soaking up rays by the beach, enjoying the atmosphere in local parks or going on a hike, we all know packing a picnic loaded with tasty summer snacks are essential to bring when hunger strikes!

For this reason we bring you our best feel good snacks you can bring to any picnic to wow your guests!

  • Vegetable mix lightly salted

Impress your friends and family with this delicious snack at your next picnic! If you're looking for a healthy snacking alternative to beat them salty cravings - then these are for you! Why not try them out with some dips or hummus this summer.

Name a better duo than cheese and crackers - we’ll wait!

These crackers make a great addition to your charcuterie board. Coming in two flavours, rosemary and olive, we know your mouth will be bursting with Italian aromas! Want some charcuterie inspiration? Check out this beautiful box by @twentytwentypatisserie including some of our delicious snacks.

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A taste like no other almond. Once you try these smoked almonds regular almonds just won't cut it anymore, making them a must have snack to bring to your next picnic. If you're an almond lover like us, why not try out our delicious chilli almonds and other almond snacks this summer.

A great addition to any picnic if you want a fruit and nut cocktail bursting with summer flavours!

Coming in two delicious flavours, pesto and napolitano, these breadsticks pair great with cheese and meats. Perfect to add to your picnic basket!

These honey chilli cashews have a crunchy and spicy exterior. They are the perfect little pick me up snack with that added kick to really get you going. These are always a crowd pleaser!

Bursting with cheesy goodness flavours, these are a no brainer when it comes to what to pack for a picnic!

This summer fruit is packed with vitamin A and other essential nutrients. Not only is it a healthy snack, its sweet taste makes it a great healthy alternative for people with a sweet tooth!

Although they may be different from fresh strawberries, trust us, they are no less delicious! That explosion of tart and tangy flavour makes them irresistible!

Last but certainly not least are our vegetable crisps. Healthy crisps? Who could simply resist. Always a crowd please, a snack the whole family can enjoy at a picnic this summer!