All treats no tricks, with our Trick or Treat Bundles!

All treats no tricks, with our Trick or Treat Bundles!


What’s the scariest part of Halloween? For parents, it’s probably not ghosts, goblins, or haunted houses, but it might be the thought of their kids eating so many sweets. Have you ever seen a kid crash from a sugar rush? Now that would frighten the life out of ya!

Deciding on how to handle Halloween treats is up to you - But if you are looking for a delicious alternative to sugary sweets for Trick or Treaters or for your next Halloween party keep reading!

At Nutty Delights, we brainstormed with our snackologist to come up with a delicious collection of snacks that kids will still enjoy. I’ll never forget being a kid at Halloween and being handed an orange at the door - I was disgusted! But this will not be the case with our Trick or Treat bundle, it’s packed with delicious juicy dried fruits, chocolate-covered treats, and sweet nuts. We know the importance of nut allergies and how important it is for some families to avoid them so we created an equally tasty nut-free bundle so everyone in the family can enjoy it!

Our Halloween Trick or Treat Bundles contains 25 different snack varieties in 40g bags making this the perfect healthy go-to bundle for Halloween this year! If you're one of those who turn all the lights off and pretend to not be home on Halloween night, these are perfect to leave at the door for the kids! If you have a Halloween party coming up. Whether you're hosting, or simply bringing a treat to share, you'd like to see something healthy on the table.

This bundle is perfect to open up and place in a bowl on the table so everyone can share! There are plenty of treats to keep the party fueled without the massive sugar crash.

We are here to remind you that Halloween doesn't have to be a scary pitfall of excess sugar and never-ending sweets. Plan ahead for parties and trick-or-treaters. It may not seem as easy as picking up a bag of candy, but eating healthy during the upcoming spook fest doesn't have to be complicated or difficult. Your party guests and trick-or-treaters might even appreciate a change of pace from all the sweets!